Industry Expert

Justine Pollard
Health Management

Justine Pollard

Industry Expert for Health Management

“I’ve been a Registered Nurse since 1994, working both in the NHS and private healthcare. I have managed nurses and services for 21 years, and my specialities include, mental health services, older persons care and palliative care – both paediatric and adults.

“The small class sizes we enjoy at the University Centre ensures that lessons and content can be tailored to each student’s specific area, and while with us, you will have the benefit of dual professionals who teach and have extensive industry experience.

“I’m passionate about Health Management as I feel that non-clinical staff who work in both private and public healthcare are underrepresented and that there should be a drive to professionalise healthcare management away from the classic roles of nurses, doctors and clinicians. I want to equip students with career-focused qualifications and empower them with confidence and skills to be effective healthcare managers without being clinically trained.”

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