Industry Expert

Nathan Erskine
Health and Applied Social Studies

Nathan Erskine

Industry Expert for Health and Social Studies

“I joined the University Centre in 2020 after seven years lecturing at the University of Cumbria on Youth Work and Community Development and Working with Children and Families. I’m also a professionally qualified, award-winning Youth Worker with 20 years’ experience.

“This is the perfect programme for a wide range of prospective professionals who know they will be supporting the most vulnerable in society. Much of the challenges people face in society are socially constructed and that’s why this subject is so important.

Our smaller class sizes allow our students better access to subject specialist lecturers, and our classrooms are diverse places with a range of worldviews, professional interests and solutions to the world’s problems. You will be taught by passionate academics who are experienced professionals, many of whom continue to practice so that our academic programmes have vocational relevance and support our students to stand out in a competitive jobs market.”

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