Industry Expert

Ian Pickering
Alcohol and Substance Misuse

Ian Pickering

Industry Expert for Alcohol Substance and Drugs Misuse

“I worked in substance misuse services for eight years and have experience of managing residential treatment centres and community programmes in Lancaster, Chorley and the Manchester area. I also have experience of writing and developing therapeutic programmes in recovery services.

“I am passionate about this sector, working with people who have lost direction, lost contact with family and friends, they may have been through the criminal justice system. Getting them back on track and back into education or work and seeing that transformation is incredibly rewarding.

“The alcohol and substance misuse course will support you to further develop your knowledge, lead on to further study, or progress in your career enabling you to make a difference. It also dovetails with mental health, such a key aspect of substance misuse and recovery, and you will gain real-world insight from expert speakers through our strong network of industry links.”

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