Qualifications that work for you

Looking to gain a University Level qualification? Are personal or work commitments stopping you from taking the next step?

With our University Centre, you can fast-track your career with a tailored programme to suit your personal and professional needs.

Whether you are looking for an intensive course, want to study from home, or prefer to come into College on a part-time basis, we can help you gain a qualification in your own time and at your own pace. Life experience, work history and previous learning can all translate to University credits – so you may already be closer to gaining a qualification than you think!




What does a tailored programme mean?

A tailored programme is a means of achieving a Higher Education qualification in the way that best suits you.

What are the benefits?

Choosing a course at home can help you gain a higher level qualification locally, without the same expenses as University. It could also help you increase your earning potential and promotion opportunities at work too.

This sort of learning is designed to fit around your own personal circumstances and lifestyle so whether you are looking for an intensive course, want to study from home, or prefer to come into College on a part-time basis, we can help you gain a qualification in your own time and at your own pace

How does it work?

We work with you to decide which qualification best suits your ambitions, your aptitude, your previous qualifications and experience, and which module options we recommend you take.

We ask you about your previous qualifications and experience to see what Credit Transfer and/or Recognition of Prior Learning you can be granted

Qualifications are made up of a number of modules, each of which has a number of Learning Outcomes. If we can show that you have met any of these Learning Outcomes before you start a course then you can usually be credited with them, reducing the volume of study needed to complete the qualification

Once all your prior learning has been logged, we know exactly which modules, or parts or modules, need to be completed before the qualification can be awarded.

These can usually be completed by any of the methods listed below, in almost any combination.

Some of our tailored programme methods include:


If you have the knowledge needed to complete a Learning Outcome but not the evidence to claim it as prior learning then you don’t need further study, we simply set you an assessment to demonstrate your achievement. Usually, these assessments are pieces of written work done in your own time at home.

Online Learning

These are programmes of online learning supported by our Virtual Learning Environment, Moodle. The online course includes all the materials you need and there is tutorial support by email for when you get stuck.

Taught Classes

These are conventional College classes based on regular attendance over a number of weeks.  Teaching is in much smaller groups than in Universities so you can be sure of getting the help you need to learn.

Intensive Courses

For some people, attendance at regular weekly classes isn’t practical. If regular classes don’t suit you, intensive courses provide an alternative. Each course is a short burst of full-time attendance, usually over a single week. Intensive courses are spread throughout the year and can be booked in advance to suit your needs. Each course is self-contained and has all the necessary teaching and assessment to achieve a particular module. Some intensives have a short online learning introduction that is completed before attending the course.

How do I find out more?

If you need help or support, get in touch by emailing he@nelsongroup.ac.uk.