Outstanding Lancashire College Tops Local and National Achievement Rate Tables for Adult Learning

Nelson and Colne College Group (NCCG) were delighted with the recent announcement regarding their adult learning success in the latest government National Achievement Rate Tables (NART).  

With an impressive 96.2% success rate, NCCG is officially the number one College in Lancashire for adult learners. This means that adults who attend either Lancashire Adult Learning, Accrington and Rossendale College or Nelson and Colne College, have a greater chance of success within their qualifications than if they attended any other College across Lancashire. Not only that but NCCG are second in the entire country within the same category, a hugely impressive feat. 

Furthermore, NCCG also ranked as the second highest rated college in Lancashire and the entire country for all ages and all levels, and this success comes on the back of last year’s Outstanding OFSTED rating, which made NCCG the only Further Education college within the whole of Lancashire to hold the prestigious title. 

But what does this mean for local communities and employers? NCCG’s success simply translates into more 16–18-year-olds and adults moving on to their next steps – whether that be universities or high-value jobs. The new railway maintenance programme is a shining example of the difference returning to learning as an adult, and doing so with NCCG, can make.

Tyler Thompson (22) who signed up for the programme back in February commented on how it has turned his life around, taking him from a labourer, working a tiring job for low pay to a highly skilled engineer employed with the National Rail service, earning a wage he once thought not possible for someone with his qualifications.  

Lisa O’Loughlin, NCCG’s Principal and CEO said. “I am incredibly proud that the dedication of our students and staff, who have worked tirelessly to succeed, has been recognised within these achievement tables. 

“The College Group is proud to be able to work alongside our students to make such a positive impact on their lives and within the local community and we look forward to continuing our mission to provide excellent education and training opportunities for all.”  

In addition, the Chair of the Board of Corporation at NCCG, Phil Wilkinson, similarly expressed his delight at the news, stating: “The results of the latest NART are truly exceptional for us, reflecting well on LAL, NCCG and on Lancashire education as a whole. Our outstanding performance within this table is a testament to the hard work of our passionate teaching staff, our dedicated students, and our vibrant community” 

The official government NARTs are a collection of summary performance measures for education, training, and apprenticeships. They display the number of students who began a programme or qualification and went on to successfully complete it. You can find the full details here – https://explore-education-statistics.service.gov.uk/find-statistics/further-education-and-skills